Reseach & Development

Ever whished to purchase equipment, or expand your plant but lacked the financial resources? With a government grant, you may be able to realize your dreams much faster then you thought. If so you may be eligible for a Scientific Research and Experimental Development grant (SR & ED).

We are committed to helping you get the most funding possible. If approved, the program provide funding that NEVER HAS TO BE RE-PAID! We have trained staff standing by, ready to provide you the information that you need to move your business to the next stage of success. What’s more, this service is contingency based, meaning it does not cost you a cent until you received government funds. Come visit us and discuss your potential to recoup much of what you invest in new ideas, technologies, processes, etc. The government of Canada wants to support Canadian entrepreneurs and we know exactly how to get you that support. Don't delay! You can get government money to help you.
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Research & Development